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Right Tools for the Job
In building your business there are many tools available to do the job. Some say a hammer will fix anything - Right? Whether we use new tools or the old reliable ones, selecting the right tool for the job is essential. The New Business Builder and Mark Sampl have a wide selection of business tools available. From the simplicity of creating an effective brochure to the complexity of orchestrating a strategic plan for a new market channel, the goal is results - in the form of profitable new business. The examples below are projects that show the broad range of tools available at The New Business Builder.


Project Examples

Building New Business: Business Unit Start-up, Partner Development, Market Development, Business Development, Product Development and Negotiations more
Customer Communications: Brochures, Website - Creation and Hosting, Promotions, Marketing Communications, Sales Support, Tradeshows, Database, Advertising, Collateral and Messaging more
Business Coaching : Brand Management, Brand Marketing, Brand Standards, and Co-Branding more
Planning & Strategy: Market Research, Company Briefs, Business Plans, Marketing Budgets, Marketing Calendars, Competitive Research, Company Positioning and Strategic Planning

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