The New Business Builder - Client "Raves"

The New Business Builder provides small to medium-sized organizations with C-Level leadership and support in the areas of Building New Business, Customer Communications and Business Coaching. We offer a wide range of development services, from facilitating a leadership day or business plan coaching; to marketing activities such as website development and e-newsletter campaigns. We take proven business methods used in blue-chip corporations to help smaller companies plan and experience profitable growth. President Mark Sampl has built 100+ million dollar businesses for nationally recognized consumer brands and will give your organization focus, clarity and action to build new business.

Here's a few of our Client "Raves"

“Mark is both a smart, analytical thinker and he gets things done. He doesn't require a staff of 20... he is a doer. In a start up, early stage company... I like that mix.”
Regi Campbell
Founder and Former Chairman - Fitability Systems, LLC
Investor and Entrepreneur

“We needed to take our organization's communication plan to a new level and turned to Mark Sampl to do that. He has done an outstanding job leading our core team through the planning process, creating a new website and then integrating the website with email marketing, social media and PayPal capabilities.”
Nancy Early
Past President
High Point Civic Association

“I was really amazed at how fast the client turned the corner on our agreement as soon as we gave them the marketing materials you put together. You did a great job, thank you.”
Darrin Austin
Vice President - Fulcrum Construction, LLC

“The Business Plan you wrote for us was one of the best investments I have ever made. The caliber of it impressed investors and our biggest customers.”
Tim Barker
President - AMC Services, Inc.