Welcome to The New Business Builder

The New Business Builder provides entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses with C-Level leadership and support in the areas of Building New Business, Customer Communications and Business Coaching. We offer a wide range of development services, from facilitating a leadership day or business plan coaching; to marketing activities such as website development and e-newsletter campaigns. We take proven business methods used in blue-chip corporations to help smaller companies plan and experience profitable growth. President Mark Sampl has built three $100+ million businesses for nationally recognized consumer brands and will give your organization focus, clarity and action to build new business.


Would you ever build your dream home by yourself?

Would you ever build your dream home by yourself... or hire a builder who didn’t have building plans or a project schedule? Wouldn’t you want to see a plan to show you how that building would look when completed? What if your builder just ran to the local Home Depot or Lowe’s and bought all their materials and tools and just started building that Dream Home? That's crazy, right? Yet when it comes to business most start out doing just that - activities without a plan, clarity, direction or accountability - often ending in another business failure…

Whether it’s a hammer and nail or designing a skyscraper, The New Business Builder has the expertise and can deliver results for your organization. Based in Atlanta, Georgia this business coaching firm brings blue-chip brand business principles to smaller organizations. It leads, plans and executes customer-focused development, sales and marketing programs, while creating profitable sales growth for its clients. Leadership, clarity, vision and the irresistible urge to act is how President Mark Sampl will build your business – identifying and scheduling what needs to be done, communication messaging, logo concepts, brochures, business cards, web site development, promotion/advertising planning and scheduling, electronic advertising, print advertising, newsletter sponsorships, database acquisition/management, print/electronic - direct mail/e-mail programs, and tradeshows.

“I was really amazed at how fast the client turned the corner onTNBB Logo our agreement as soon as we gave them the marketing materials you put together. You did a great job, thank you.”

Planning for your business doesn’t have to be an “architectural plan for a Manhattan skyscraper” but should be a researched and living document that builds the “foundation” of your dream business…much like a game plan for a collegiate football game. A business coach like The New Business Builder who has learned the right things to do can really help a growth or start-up organization get on the right path for success quickly.